It's a pity that for most of us our passion's just a phase.”

Petravita, 2018 ('Funk to Mission Control', off of the June Flower EP)

Petravita Bio

​Petravita is a rapper, poet, and livestreamer with an affinity for quirky storytelling, chasing dreams, and caring a unique - if not precarious - path. He grew up in Seattle, moved to England at 21, and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He quit his job in November 2017 to pursue music full-time and now lives exclusively off of the shame of his family and cheap ramen meals.

Petravita's music incorporates spoken word poetry influences with a distinct brand of hip hop to create songs that are equally likely to make you laugh, think, cry, scoff, feel uplifted, or sigh deeply while contemplating the cosmos. OK, maybe not that last one. 

​His latest release is the June Flower, and 8-track project available on just about every platform in the universe. Click here to listen to it.

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