The latest release from Petravita, and the first official single from a mixtape coming in the summr of 2019! Produced by the ever-talented Strong Maurice, the song is melancholy embodied, ranging from sad acceptance of mental states that cannot be easily and quickly remedied, to the happiness of accepting the lack of control and embracing whatever comes next.

Thank you so much for listening, and if there's ever anything I can do for you, reach out to me.

Lyrics, vocals, and mixing/mastering: Brandon Landis (Petravita)
Production: Strong Maurice
Artwork: Benny Francis

Social: @PetravitaMusic


Boy ain’t got no name
(boy) can’t do no wrong
Boy been a big damn nerd
Catch me catchin’ my game of thrones

Boy ain’t got no name
Boy I just write my songs
Boy been a big damn goof
Catch me singing my booty off


I’ve been in a tailspin headed for the earth at a rate that would make you heave
I’ve been feeling worse than a word could do justice please believe I’ve seemed off

For a reason, this is when I disappear all damn season
Only to comeback now when the sun peeks out
Time to show my cards like I’m greetin’

I’ve been up and down like I’ve been ridin’ at the carnival
I took a couple tickets and I spent ‘em on stuffed animals
I’m chasing every comfort like a duckling in the rain
Until I find a bit of leaf that I can hide under again

And I’ll be putting all my pieces back to together with some tape
Tryna find a reason why I had to shatter in the first place
I’ve been in my head and overthinking since the first grade
But now I’ve got a chance to tackle something and be first place


I have probably got a million scenarios
Up inside my head I can run ‘em in stereo
Doc Strange tell me ‘bout the good ones
Throw enough dice and I get a couple winnin’ roles

I’m a Marvel, catch me in the women’s roles
Scratch that -- but catch me in the women’s drawers
Alright they’d never let me near the dressing rooms
But if they did I’d like to think I’d be impressing you (y’all)

Not even one song gone by and I’m feeling better than I did
Pair a minutes all it took to take my angry mind and hit it with a positive spin
keepin’ up I think, I’ll let this sunshine in
Let the energy that’s radiating kiss me, baby put a tan on my skin